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Regina Gibbons Bio 

Regina Gibbons

A creative and effective planning expert with over 20 years of experience in the highly competitive institutional research and education market, Mrs. Regina Gibbons is ready to take her knowledge, ambition and inestimable skill to the next level. After a successful ten year run as an educator, Mrs. Gibbons plans to develop her leadership skills to establish herself as the preeminent education expert.


Mrs. Gibbons is a visionary with a high level of personal motivation and drive.  She continues to be a strategic critical thinker who is overly passionate about views concerning education and the empowerment of our youth. 


Mrs. Gibbons has an extensive educational background with degrees that stem from Psychology to Education.  Mrs. Gibbons is poised, competent, resourceful and articulate with the ability to maintain focus under pressure.


Mrs. Gibbons is a sought-after leader in educational excellence. With an unrivaled ability to develop effective and practical plans for future educational development. Mrs. Gibbons has been able to continually improve the education system, particularly by utilizing her technical and leadership skills to lead teams and to work toward future change.


As the founder of Y-KNOT Inc. Mrs. Gibbons plans to change the face of at risk youth.  Knowing that the children are the future, her plan is to promote a platform to gain knowledge, nurture abilities, create opportunities and cultivate insight into experienced events.  Mrs. Gibbons truly believes that the only time you should look down on someone is when you are helping them up.


Mrs. Gibbons asserts that her life work is to be a part of the solution to the deficit of working with the needs of the current at risk youth. She is aware that her experiences can be used a model to those youth who have been identified as at risk. She has an innate ability to connect with youth and inspire them to reach their full potential. She is resilient, committed and determined to support the community through the lens of youth outreach.