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Cover Girl DIVA

(Divine, Inspirational, Virtuous and Anointed)

A mentoring program that offers girls ages 8 to 18 an opportunity to work on attitude, poise, and self-esteem while strengthening self perception. Physical self image has a direct correlation to how others perceive us as well as how we perceive ourselves.


Low self-esteem results in the possibility of depression as well as low performance and a feeling of self loath. This program is designed to help young girls unlock the DIVA (Divine, Inspirational, Virtuous and Anointed) in them.


This four week curriculum will focus on:

Week One: Who I Am (I am Divine!)

Week Two: Self Esteem (I am inspirational!)

Week Three: Self Motivation and Self Control (I am Virtuous!)

Week Four: Confidence (I am Anointed!)

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