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Composition of The Board


The Board of Directors shall consist of a minimum of (7) Directors to a maximum of eleven (11) Directors. Guidelines for the selection of Directors specify the range of professional skill, expertise, and personal attributes required to make informed governance decisions.


Roles and Responsibilities

Applicants will demonstrate an understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and commitment this appointment will entail. Applicants will also demonstrate a commitment to dedicate the time required to attend Board meetings, participate on committees when required, and attend annual events such as the Strategic Plenary and Annual General Meeting.

An understanding of the role of governance, the knowledge to participate in informed and critical discussions about policy issues, and the ability to offer expertise in specific areas.

Effective communication skills and the absence of a real or perceived conflict of interest.


Application Process


Every applicant must complete an application form supported by a resume and personal references.The Membership Committee will review all applications. All applicants will be acknowledged.


You can also contact Ms. Regina Gibbons, Executive Director for more information via email at rgibbons@yknotinc.org.