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We aim to mitigate the ambiguity in the minds of the youth by providing constructive mentorship and strive to engrave a positive attitude in their personalities where instead of saying "WHY" to an opportunity, they can blatantly say "Y-KNOT."

Our Programs

Our programs are designed out of a direct need for the growing number of youth(s) that are struggling in school, facing social issues or heavily entangled in the juvenile court system.

Cover Girl DIVA

A mentoring program that offers girls ages 8 to 18 an opportunity to work on attitude, poise, and self-esteem while strengthening self perception. 

Defying the impossible

This one day workshop will teach young people ages 14 to 17 that all things are possible if they just believe.

Changing Faces

A mentoring program that will engage youth who are involved in the juvenile court system.

Like My Swag

A mentoring program that offers boys ages 7 to 18 an opportunity to participate in a structured mentoring program of support with their male mentor. 

Mind Your Manners

This six week program is designed to teach leadership skills that last a long time. 

Turn Around

A mentoring program that will focus on youth who are chronically in trouble in the classroom. 

Parent Power Series

Parent Power Series are not just for young inexperienced parents; they're for everyone who wants to be a better parent. Our Parent Power Series education model is built upon the principles of active learning. These workshops are designed to optimize learning, and increase abilities.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


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Y-KNOT Inc. is a 501c3 registered charitable organization in Maryland and has filled its 501c3 Application with the IRS. Your donation is tax deductible.

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